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Strata Management 

Here at Westralian Strata Services, our team of managers and strata specialists all undergo an extensive amount of training when they come on-board, ensuring that your property is well-managed regardless of who looks after your property’s strata. Our team make the entire process of obtaining strata and renewing strata as easy as possible by doing all of the hard work for you. All that’s left for you to do, is enjoy your life!

What is Strata Management?

The term ‘Strata Management’ is a specialist term for property management, which refers to properties that are jointly owned i.e. units or multi-storey apartments used for commercial or residential use. As the need for a third-party management team continues to increase, strata managers in Australia are continuing to work with the owners’ corporation or executive committees to help control, maintain, manage and administer the property on behalf of the owner.  

What’s involved?

Our team of Westralian Strata Services may have a number of tasks to uphold throughout the duration of a client’s property management. These may include;

  • Financial Reporting

  • Contract Management

  • Enforcement of Laws/Regulations

  • Secretarial Tasks

  • Administration Duties

  • Invoicing of Levies/Service Charges


To find out more about the type of strata management, our team here at Westralian Strata Services offer, or about how we can help you and your property. CONTACT US today!​